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House Flipping Guide: Marketing to Owners with Delinquent Property Taxes


Controversial opinion time:

absolutely love it when people are behind on the taxes on their home.

Yes, I have empathy for their dire situations. I’ve experienced many of these home owners and felt the desperation in their eyes.

But I try to make the best out of a bad situation, and create a win-win in the process.

I first discovered these motivated sellers since getting in real estate investing in 1999.

They are stressed out beyond belief, can’t sleep, and they NEED to be out of their homes.

So it goes without saying that these people present an excellent homes to find, buy and invest in.

So let me tell you about my self-developed system for getting your hands on these wildly under-priced properties.

By definition, a system has more than one step. And the system in my course, House Flipping Guide: Marketing to Owners with Delinquent Property Taxes has just 3 steps in total:

Step 1: LOCATE

How do you find these sellers? The more distressed the better – because these are the guys that need the most help, and these are the guys will sell to you for the best deal. Remember: hyper motivated.

Many are on a specific list, but some are not. And to complicate this even more, these public lists are often not even updated or kept accurate unless you know where to look.


Paradoxically, even though delinquent owners have the most to gain by getting out of their homes, they’re also some of the most difficult to motivate to sell. That is… unless you know what you’re doing.

In the course you’re about to get your hands on, I show you how to dodge this baked in resentfulness and totally flip the script. It’s almost like a jedi mind trick: you can fly in under the owner’s radar and re-frame yourself as a helper – not just another vulture:

• You can help them out of a traumatic financial situation.
• You can help them get this boulder off their shoulders.
• You can help them get the tax man off their back


This whole course is only $97.

It used to be $497.

My logic there is that even on your very first sale, which you’ll probably do within the next few weeks or so if you listed this course and take action, you’ll easily make at least 20X on your investment.

Realistically more like 100X or 200X or more.......

If you made 100X returns in the stock market, you’d be on the cover of Forbes.

Make a 100X return off this course and people will just look at you sideways.

That’s the incredible opportunity in this industry. (And people ask me why I do real estate investing versus stocks or Forex… Ha!)

One last thing!

This course is SHORT and value dense. Its less than 2 hours long and you can breeze through it in half an afternoon.

All for just $97.

Let me show you how to close on those delinquent properties like a pro.

Your next sale is out there waiting for you. Let me give you the tools to help you take their property off their hands, flip it and put some money in your pocket.

Get the course.

Happy closing,

Gerald E. Harris

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