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How to Wholesale a House for $10: A Step by Step Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate

Are you ready to jump into real estate investing and make $$$$ but don’t have thousands of dollars to do it? Great! Because in this course, you don’t need $1,000’s or even $100’s of dollars to launch & make $$$$$ In Your Real Estate Business!

Finally! Everything You Need to Know about Wholesaling A House All In One Place! Get The Top Proven Tools & Success Strategies That Turn Real Estate into Real Results!

Hi! I’m Gerald of House Flipping Guide. I currently have over 15 years of experience in Real Estate Investing, Foreclosures and being a former Real Estate Agent. With over 40,000 Youtube Subscribers and more than 15,000 Facebook Group members, I have great news for you! I'm here to make your life easier as a new real estate investor!

You can start today with as little as $10!! No tricks. No gimmicks. Just real information You will not get stuck because I’m going to walk you through the whole process, step-by-step so you can finally see those positive and profitable changes in your life and business. If you want to make money without spending money, then wholesaling is the best way to go!

In this wholesaling course, you will LEARN HOW TO FIND EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE MONEY including how to find:

  • Cash buyers who are ready to buy from you and close quickly!
  • The right Title Company for your wholesaling deal!
  • Motivated sellers ready to give you a property for pennies on the dollar!
  • Comps more accurate than ZILLOW so you know EXACTLY how much your house is worth!
  • A real wholesale deal vs a waste of time (tax liens, owner profiles and so much more!)

This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started today! It includes:

- 11 Videos to watch on-demand at your convenience forever!

- 13 Real Estate concepts that every investor needs to know!

- A special seller property information sheet

See what real customers have to say:

“Gerald, I just want to thank you. Your knowledge is incredible. Thanks for helping me”

Ronald P.

Hi Gerald! Here’s some feedback on the baby steps to wholesaling course…It was very informative and put everything into one nice package for a newbie to understand.

Leah M.

“Very comprehensive straight-shooting content. God bless you.”

Reggie H.

You might have tried some real estate marketing systems that have yielded less than ideal results in the past. But before you do so, you need to hear this: This course is guaranteed to teach you how to gain more wholesale real estate investing skills that will help you Increase your customer base and skyrocket your real estate business.

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11 MP4 and 2 PDF
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